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The Pantheon
How To Turn A Podcast Into A Thriving Business Without Having To Hard Sell Or Have Millions Of Followers 
  • Monetize Your Podcast From Day #1
  • Generate 3,000-10,000 downloads for your podcast
  • Scale Your Content On Autopilot
"I generated 20,000 downloads within 5 months of launch!"
Jim Schubert
Agent's Growth Academy
Does This
Like YOU?
  • Relationships drive you and your mission
  • Connection with your message and those who follow you motivate your every decision as an entrepreneur
  • ​​Entrepreneurship is the vehicle you believe will change the world 
  • Capitalism (or generating money) is the side of effect of bringing value to those who need and follow you
  • Vision for a better future and and a legacy that will outlive your time on this earth
The Pantheon Has You Covered!
This Cohort of top podcasters makes it easy to grow your niche audience super fast , generate 3,000-10,000 monthly listeners, and to stop begging and fighting (and paying) for new listeners for your show..
Curated Monetization
This Partnership makes it easy to land high-ticket deals each month without closing a single deal yourself, generate 5-6 figure deals from your show, and generate huge opportunities for yourself without having to be a "hard selling" expert.
The Pantheon Method
This DAILY Coaching and Training program makes it easy to let us hold your hand as you monetize and scale your podcast business removing all roadblocks that might impede or slow down your growth.
We Have A Tool For That...
  • Full Stack CRM - Manage your leads and close more deals in style
  • Website/Funnel Builder - Need a website, funnel, or form? we've got you covered
  • ​​Scheduling App - Build scheduling automation to make your interviews and meeting looking professionally built...and automated
  • Email/Text Autoresponder - Send emails and texts as part of follow up campaigns to increase conversions
  • And Soooo Much More! 
Who Can You Relate To Most?
The Growth Focused One
The Pantheon has a thriving private community of successful entrepreneurs. Your first branding partners (and potentially customers) are right at your fingertips in this incredible community!
The Hesitant One
In The Pantheon you will have daily coaching from our team of experts along with everything you‘ll need to create, grow, and monetize your podcast! You can rest assured you’re taking the right step, the right way, at the right time. We’ve got your back!
The Non-Techie One
In The Pantheon, we’ve gathered every resource you’ll need for marketing success. Plus, we’ve created every template you’ll need to grow your show, to help you lock down that partner, to create your own custom funnels...etc.
We're Here To Help!

We know you're busy.
But if not now, when?

The Pantheon is a gathering of Industry Titans who want to build a LASTING personal brand. Let us help you get your voice, message, & mission out to the only 1 hour per week...
The Pantheon 
Isn't For Everyone
Launching and growing your audience the right way requires hard work, time, dedication, patience, and consistency. 

Overnight success doesn’t exist. 

Inside The Pantheon we provide every video tutorial, resource, and the support system you need to make it happen. 

But you have to be committed to doing the work!







We're Here To Help!

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